Saturday, May 13, 2006

Meet Mr. Mucus

While watching a commercial for Mucinex, an expectorant, the other night, I asked Deirdre, "Why are there dancing potatoes in a cold medicine commercial?"

Then it dawned on us that we were not watching potatoes, but, in fact, dancing blobs of mucus in a respiratory tract.

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, the number six brand c old/allergy/sinus relief product in the over-the-category last year has spent $35 million on this latest ad campaign for "Mr. Mucus," designed by Torre Lazur-McCann Healthcare Worldwide. Which is astounding, considering their sales in 2004 were only $54 million dollars.

Click here to enjoy all the Mr. Mucus commercials. The one we saw the other night is called, no joke, "Dance to the Mucus."

Or, just read the buzz on Mr. Mucus's animated feature debuting this summer.

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