Monday, November 13, 2006

The Play

I've been working at Cal long enough that I don't even notice how much University culture I've absorbed. I read daily briefings on Nobel prize winners, MacArthur geniuses, over the top under the table compensation to administrators, et cetera. It was probably 2002 that I was first introduced to the legend of "the play."

I missed most of the nuances of the play, blah blah blah fourth quarter blah blah Cal needs a miracle blah blah Stanford is winning, the game is about to end, and Cal gets the ball with just seconds left on the clock.
the Stanford band enters the end zone and marches onto the field. The receiver runs the ball through the marching band into the end zone for a touchdown (and knocking down a trombone player in the process).

Tonight, I wondered if YouTube might have a clip of a Cal game, any Cal game, to show Liam (whose fondness for all Cal sports continues unabated). And sure enough, we find:

The Play

Even if you don't like football, listen to the announcer (Cal's Joe Starkey) shout his way through this.

For more context, which actually makes the Play even more exciting, when you see what leads up to it: The last five minutes of the Cal-Stanford game, 1982.

I could have sworn I saw this exact play with Spanky McFarland and Alfalfa in a "Little Rascals" short back in the day.
I wonder if I could find that Little Rascals short on the internets.


Thank you, internets.

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