Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"...the kind of theatre that Mark Twain would have told stories in."

This two-story octagonal chapel was built in the of 1880s for the Lucy Cobb Institute to host not only religious services, but cultural events, lectures, drama productions, and graduations. It later was absorbed into the University of Georgia. Abandoned after WW2, it fill into disrepair until local donors and preservationists restored it in 1997.

The Seney-Stovall Chapel in Athens has a Victorian interior, with a raked stage and 240 seats.

Storyteller Bobby Norfolk, when he stood upon that stage at the Stitching Stars Storytelling Festival in Athens, marveled "This is the kind of theatre that Mark Twain would have told stories in."

Saturday, Donna Washington and Kevin Kling and I will get to see if we can feel the magic that Bobby felt.

I've got two sets, one at 2 pm, for 40 minutes, and one at 7 pm for 45 minutes. And I'll pretty much be fretting over my set list between now at 1:59 pm Saturday.


Anonymous said...

BREAK A LEG !!!!!!
You will be awesome !!!!

Tim said...

So, apart from the gazillion watt theatrical lighting stands in the balcony beaming down on us onstage, and the postcard perfect hamburger drive-in across the street (just behind the tree in the top picture), and the BBQ joint across the street with the neon sign... and the elevator for wheelchair access... yeah, it felt like the 19th century.

But with better seat cushions.