Monday, February 19, 2007

The 2007 Skander Halim Memorial Movie Survey

Mike D'Angelo's 12th annual statistical mind@#$% ranks the best of the year in film, as judged by a hand-picked cadre of internet-enabled cineastes.

Follow the link to the winners, but then head back down the blog for #s 2 through 20, in the categories: Picture, Director, Actress, Actor, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Screenplay (no distinction between original/adapted), Scene, and the best film everyone saw back in 2004 on the festival circuit but has yet to see U.S. theatrical distribution.

This year Mike has YouTube working for him, so most of the year's best clips are available for viewing.


Tim said...

For whatever reason, the ratings make sense this time. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the numbers after each entry (still can't) but this time I realized you can decipher the chart without them.

cjereneta said...

Here's what I remember about the points. The left number is the total number of points received, the right is the total number of votes.

For any category, participants have 100 points to "spend" among their personal top ten nominees for the award. The max you can give any nominee is 30 points, the minimum 5.

So you could toss 30 points each to your two favorite supporting actor performances of the year and 5 points each to your next eight favorite, or you could do some elaborate math (as many of the participants do) and actually rank your votes numerically.

The winner in each category is based on the total number of points, but closer examination will reveal that while William Monahan's screenplay for The Departed received more votes (31), it lost out to the Nolan brothers' script for The Prestige, because the 23 people voting for it spent more points to help it win.