Thursday, August 30, 2007

Porter Airlines

Up and coming Canadian airline featuring teh fnky frsh design. Why don't we have airlines like this? Or rail? Or bus?

Link [Via NOTCOT]

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Anonymous said...

Just a note- Torontonians voted against the inner city airport, Porter Airlines, as it is highly polluting to the downtown waterfront, Lake Ontario and to the city itself. We far preferred to have our waterfront become a greenspace, and we are furious that Porter has been enabled to expand. Environmentally, short haul flights are highly polluting, and detrimental to the quality of air in Toronto, which is fighting heavy smog already.

There is nothing funky about Porter Airlines whatsoever- it is destructive to the quality of life for Toronto residents who live underneath its flight paths. And by the way, how is it they we are funding with our tax money a private company such as Porter- which we did not want and voted against?