Thursday, May 29, 2008

The podcast that is just about my favorite anything these days

I don't get out to movies that much these days, and rarely it seems have two hours to consume movies on DVD. There are TV shows that I watch, and books I read, and intermanet properties that I consume.

But, and I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before, my favorite anything these days is the audio podcast Jordan, Jesse GO! featuring Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris.

I started sometime around Episode 40 last fall (Ep 62 came out this week), and have since gone back to begin to listen to the complete archive of the show.

Thorn's flagship program is The Sound of Young America, which he distributes as both a podcast and as a public radio show to select stations via PRI. But Jordan, Jesse GO! is why I contribute to his small media empire ( every month. (He's having a pledge drive now, and I am considering upping my monthly subscription rate.)

It is difficult to describe the appeal of JJGO! At face value, the concept of two straight white guys in their twenties riffing into microphones for an hour and a half sounds horrific. But their peculiar mix of earnestness, nerdiness, fake irony, and ridiculousness keeps me entertained week after week.

I'll finally note that Ira Glass and his wife both listen to the show (he has interviewed Jesse about it, and she has called into the program).

Try episode 40 on for size. If you're not hooked after that, you're out of the wedding.


Jesse Thorn said...

Chris, thank you, we love you too.
Jordan Jesse Go
(OK, just Jesse)

Tim said...

HA! I already attended your wedding, so you can't disinvite me.

Episode 40 didn't do it for me.

Two guys riffing on anything doesn't hold my attention. Riffing is good. It's the anything that loses me.

Two guys riffing on the news, that would work. And if they were both British, that would kill.

Comedy Gold, from the Times of London.
I laugh out loud in the car by myself. Even get the tears to come.

Tim said...

Episode 68: ten hilarious minutes.
Episode 67: first thirty minutes- hilarious. Why they kept going for another hour is beyond me.

I'm bailing.