Monday, March 22, 2010

Ben Folds Serenades Random Strangers via ChatRoulette

(hat tip to Fratelli Bologna)

ChatRoulette is a web site that randomly pairs people with webcams to each other. Want to chat to a complete stranger? OK!

Ben Folds, at a concert Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina, had his laptop and webcam open on his piano (and the screen projected so the audience could see it, so that he could serenade random strangers via ChatRoulette for 30 minutes. This clip is a 5 minute highlight reel.

Note: contains profanity.

Entitled "Ode to Merton," the piece is a tribute to "Merton," a ChatRoulette user who gained fame/notoriety a week ago for doing improv piano on ChatRoulette. (Merton's YouTube Channel:

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