Thursday, September 01, 2005

Feeling Good Is Understood

Crossing the Bay Bridge the other day, I was driving along side a white PT Cruiser painted with flashy pink signage that read "Larry Jr. - Certified Massage Therapist" and included, among other things, a URL. I simply could not resist going to

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Deirdre said...

OK. Several observations. One, just viewing the site intro graphics gave me a stiff neck, which will require a massage. Two, when you go to a massage therapist's website, why would you click on "Hair"? Why would your hair need a massage? Third, if you do click on "Hair", you get a plug for 'Kyani Rochelle's Hair Design', but you still see the photo of Larry Jr. Is Larry Jr. moonlighting as Kyani Rochelle? Is the massage business not lucrative enough, forcing Larry to diversify? One ponders.