Friday, September 23, 2005

Welfare Schmelfare. Put'em on TV.

Tim Goodman gives a hearty endorsement today to the new reality show "Three Wishes." His comment makes me wonder if Bush's faith-based Initiatives could be replaced with network-based initiatives where product placement and advertising revenue fund social programs.

"Listen: If, for the forces of good to triumph -- helping people in real need, paying medical bills, building homes, pushing through adoptions, getting surgeries performed -- that good has to be done on a reality show that manipulates viewer reaction for maximum tears, is filled with gratuitous product placements and is hosted by Amy Grant, so be it."


Deirdre said...

I LOVE Tim Goodman. He da man.

cjereneta said...

He's ok I guess. His "cranky pants" columns aren't nearly as funny as he thinks they are. Every sixth paragraph he tosses in a "Bring me the head of...!", which is a bit you can find quite a bit in my writings.

From when I was twelve.

Also I dearly miss the columns of John Carman, TV critic of the *former* Chronicle, who perhaps didn't have enough taste in trash to be a TV critic but was a great writer nonetheless.