Monday, December 10, 2007

Apes. In hats. On bikes.

Today's earworm is brought to you via daniel liss at

It's a mashup by go home productions of Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" with the Chemical Brothers' "Galvanize", here used as the soundtrack to a creepy bicycle safety film from the Prelinger Archives featuring apes in hats.

(Or is it monkeys? They do have tails...)


For the mp3, visit go home productions and find GHP Complete CD8 "The Bootlegs".

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Christa said...

I remember this film. They used to show it at my elementary school at assemblies from time to time. Of course, rather than the cool soundtrack, it had a narrator saying things like, "Whoa! Watch out there little fella!"

I was so creeped out by it even then. I could not figure out why the other kids were laughing.

Old brain cells are now reawakened. And still creeped out.