Monday, March 03, 2008

MOA (Metropolitan Oakland Area): "California is Climate"

Oaklandish posts a 1953 promotional film that sells the benefits of Oakland's weather--asserting that better health due to year-round warm temperatures will "increase factory production."

Via Zennie Abraham.


Tim said...

Back in the day, when Zennie Abraham was an economic advisor to the mayor's office, he was also contributing to the Montclarion newspaper about city government and urban policy. It was the best public affairs coverage I'd seen, and the closest thing to "hard news" that the Montclarion ran.

Excited to see he had a blog.

Not so excited to see it's mostly about his Sports Simulation business.

I think there's an Oakland blog in there somewhere, but I keep getting redirected to his sports pages.

Zennie said...

Hey Tim,

Thanks for the comment. I'm contemplating a new design to deal with your observations. Originally, the blog was developed to bring traffic to the main site, but the blogs took on a life of their own. So I've got to make our readers happy.