Thursday, March 06, 2008

Twitter "in Plain English"

Commoncraft makes videos using stick figures and cut-out paper that work to explain modern technologies in a simple, digestible form. Their use of the phrase "in Plain English" is a tad disingenuous, as their entire premise rests on the combination of their simple, diagrammatic visuals with the verbal explanation.

A minor quibble (and arguably their success is in communicating the big idea of a thing, which "in Plain English", while imprecise, does). They're quite good at what they do.

Here's their newest, a take on Twitter. It's not how I use Twitter currently*, but it's a pretty good explanation of why someone unfamiliar with Twitter might find value in it--and it's in the direction of how I see Twitter's value to some underserved populations, e.g. seniors and parents of preschoolers.

Some other of their videos include RSS in Plain English and Social Networks in Plain English.

*As a virtual space to crack wise.

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