Monday, November 07, 2005

12 Songs

It may very well be, as Newsweek suggest, Neil Diamond's best album in thirty years.

The stripped down, intimate recording of Neil actually playing his own guitar while singing his own songs, all new compositions, was Rick Rubin's idea.

And while this model has worked for Rubin before, I have to say, to my ear, it just proves that Neil Diamond is no Johnny Cash.

Oh, and the link? It's to Neil's MySpace page.

I reserve the right to change my mind. I've only heard 8 tracks, and Neil's batting .250 right now.


Anonymous said...

you never were a big Neil fan !!!!
Aw come on..... "WE" is a great sing along !! and a cool soft shoe!!! :-) it grows on you!

love is not about young or old
it's a blanket when the nights are cold
it can even keep you dry on a rainy day
it's not about you
it's not about me
love is all about we.....

Tim said...

Oh, and don't buy this CD yet. The copies in the stores have Sony's secret spy software on them.