Friday, November 11, 2005

Christopher Walken: Still Dancing

Okay, so I've seen that Saturday Night Live now has a "Best of Christopher Walken" DVD available. But how did I miss this?

From 2001, the Grammy award winning and 6 MTV award winning Fatboy Slim music video "Weapon of Choice." Directed by Spike Jonze, and featuring the dancing feet of Mr. Walken.


Tim said...

Also: Stick Figure Ninja creates an homage to the same video: LINK

JTony said...

Yeah, I caught this video about a year ago on the Works of Director Spike Jonez DVD, which I cannot recommend enough. I think Spike's music videos far surpass anything else he's done. Though I think the Christopher Walken one is my favorite, there are many gems on that disk (the burning man running, for some reason, just puts me in a trance... I could watch it over and over and over and still find grace and beauty in something so simply absurd... magic!) The Michel Gondry DVD is pretty cool, too. Chris Cunningham I just find a little too disturbing for my tastes, tho.