Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Apple ad? Copyright theft? [updated]

TBWA\Chiat\Day: Hey. We could do something kinda like this Postal Service music video.
Steve Jobs: Cool! I like that!

[two weeks later]

TCD: Here's what we shot!
SJ: That doesn't look anything like what you showed me. Why would you change it?
TCD: Well, that was just to give you a sense of mood.
SJ: This is crap. Go back to what you showed me.
TCD: Um...

[two weeks later]

TCD: Ok, so we've gone and reshot this band's music video shot-for-shot like you asked. We even got the directing team who did it the first time. It still somehow seems like a bad idea.
SJ: You guys just don't get it. This ad is great.

Follow the link to see the side by side comparison.

[Update 1/18: Confirmation that the directors of the music video were, in fact, hired to "re-" direct the television commercial.

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