Monday, September 18, 2006

Male model being ogled by fish eyeball

Well, we're back for another season. Just when our marriage was beginning to suffer a few awkward silences, along comes TAR to help us remember why we're so perfect for each other. It's so easy to scoff at the triathelete with the artificial limb about why she can't scale the wall faster, or to smirk as the Korean-American graduate student brothers can't quickly recreate a mosaic brick pattern. And I could definitely do that bok-choy-tai-chi way way faster than the cheerleaders. So we need to know Tom Carpenter's TAR link right away to share our vastly undeserved feelings of superiority. (PS: I think this is going to be a good season. I really want the coal miners to stay in it.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, okay. My connection to TAR is that my boyfriend coaches a gay volleyball team in New York City, and that one of his friends on that team is Ken of "Ken and Gerard" from Season Three fame. You know. Balding brothers--one gay, one straight--both sane. They came in third place that season, which was great, because it was the first Emmy-winning season. Kenny is awesome. He invites us to the parties and we get to do things like hang out with little Clarissa Geoghan from Family Edition and watch the Glamazons get drunk and meet Derek and Drew (the hunky twin models).