Monday, September 25, 2006

Please: No 'Outer'. Just 'Mongolia'.

Here's Phil Keoghan preparing for his St. Sebastian moment outside Ulaan Baatar. Last night's episode brought back some great memories for me. Getting our truck stuck in the mud, riding small horses at a pounding trot, getting cloudy-looking water out of a freezing river, watching cheerleaders shoot flaming arrows into a kerosene-filled urn. Wait. Maybe not that last thing. Tim and I suspect that an falconry challenge was probably edited out of the final version.

Lots o'teams were worth watching. I hope the coal miners stay in it just so Mary can keep shooting David that withering glance. The single moms seem like they're barely hanging on, but I hope they do. Male models: you bore me silly. Peter and Sarah are scaring me a bit. Peter with his cold Teutonic efficiency, and Sarah who's disses him behind his back when she's not begging him to save her.

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