Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Events to Debut in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Hoppity Horse SnoBoCross:
Starting position: Stand at starting gate uphill of Hoppity Horse, feet apart and paralell, arms extended out at the shoulders. Turn head and gaze down your right arm. At the sound of a clap of the hands, leap towards Hoppity Horse and land astride in a single jump. Ride Hoppity Horse to the finish line.

4-Man Hoppity Horse Bobsled:
Starting position: Assume a runner's crouch next to Hoppity Horse at starting line. At the sound of a clap of the hands, driver grabs Hoppity Horse's ears and begin running in place. Once Hoppity Horse has attained theoretical momentum, driver mounts Hoppity Horse and crouches low to minimize wind resistence. The remaining 3 men are presumed to find a place on the horse but are not provided additional attention or instruction. Penalties are awarded if driver's feet touch the living room carpet. If Hoppity Horse sled topples over, the team usually overcomes this disaster and makes up for lost time to win the race.

4-Man Hoppity Horse Backwards Bobsled:
Same as 4-Man Hoppity Horse Bobsled except that driver mounts Hoppity Horse backwards and drives by holding onto the tail.

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