Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Question Hour: The Fat Controller's Railway

Economist Tom Bozzo of Madison, WI has a few questions about the Sodor Railway. There are links to other blog posts and comments of interest.
4. How is it that the bakeries only keep enough flour on hand to make a day's worth of English Muffins?

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Christa said...

Excellent discussion. Be sure not to miss the posts that preceded this, which includes this observation (one that members of the Blognabbit staff have repeatedly - yet informally- noted):

"I don't know what British law is, but I gather that Sir Topham Hatt's behavior could potentially be construed as criminal neglegence in other jurisdictions — e.g., France and Italy, where inquests into possible criminal charges stemming from transportation disasters are carried out concurrently with NTSB-style technical investigations."