Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For Trader Joe's, a New York Taste Test

The NYT previews the opening of Manhattan's first Trader Joe's later this month, with a glimpse of the secretive food development process and its attempt to create "addictive" food products.
"Before we got our Trader Joe's I used to drive up to Chicago every couple of months to stock up on those pretzels," said Kevin Messina, a lawyer in Creve Coeur, Mo., near St. Louis. "It's about five hours each way, but hey, it's a straight shot."


Deirdre said...

Major omission from NYT piece: Trader Joe's everlasting legacy will be having launched Pirate Booty.

Major addictive items not mentioned: those Morroccan blanched almonds with rosemary. Puffins. Tagine simmer sauce. Cheap vermont cheddar. Sesame thin crackers. Kashi crackers. The pink wine with the rose on the label. Your addiction here: ______

Christa said...

My vote goes for: Gnocchi al Sorrento - from frozen to tummy in 7 minutes (without a microwave) and one of the five things Ben will reliably eat.

Also - frozen party meatballs. Unbelievably good and the second of the five things Ben will reliably eat.

Finally – Greek yogurt, peach flavored. So rich it’s like eating frosting.

Anonymous said...

Masala Simmer Sauce