Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Knight Ridder: Iraqi police report US troop atrocity

Three Knight Ridder Newspapers special correspondents contributed to this report. Their identities are being withheld for security reasons.

Knight Ridder has been such a tremendous resource of reality prior to and throughout this mad Iraq venture, but this account of an alleged massacre of civilians (including small children) by US troops leaves me feeling anxious and depressed.

Many critics of the newsmedia (from all sides--myself included) argue that its credibility is all too often a function of what the reader is willing to (or wants to) believe.

I don't want to believe this story; nor do I want to believe KR would send it over the wire uncritically. But for followup all I expect to find is uncritical echochambrage on the one hand or uncritical dismissal on the other. And of course on the third, largest hand of all there will be an uncritical silence, through unknowing or willful ignorance of the question at all.

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