Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mike Nelson's RiffTrax

Some enterprising podcasters have developed unauthorized audio tours of museums (some of which make fun of the art that you're looking at), along comes a series of podcasts offering unauthorized commentary on movies, a la MST3K.

And who better to offer it than the former head writer and star of MST3K himself, Mike Nelson?

For $2 you can buy an MP3 to play along with your favorite mockable movie.

Or rather, for $2 you can buy an MP3 to play along with ROAD HOUSE, starring Patrick Swayze.

Other movies are in the works. There is a poll on the website asking which movie you'd like Mike to do next: Showgirls, Rocky IV, or the Matrix.


Deirdre said...

Chris, just curious... what's your vote? or, nomination for new riff?

Deirdre said...

Oh, and my vote: Main Hoon Na.