Friday, July 14, 2006

Who has time for a Second Life?

5,400 word feature in the Boston Phoenix about the world of Second Life. This is the longest piece I've read, so it's able to cover more territory (as it were).

Or you can check out this five minute video about Second Life fashion designer Nephilaine Protagonist, or this interview with James Wagner Au, who for two years was Second Life's embedded journalist.

The article on avatar based marketing in June's edition of the Harvard Business review is available only to subscribers.

I'm spending (wasting?) a lot of time, it seems, reading or watching videos about Second Life, because I don't have the time to actually sign up and visit.

But the boys will be in Second Life, or a descendant of it, by the time they're in college.

(Again, with the standard caveats about rising sea levels, earthquakes, or the sixth consecutive term of George W. Bush)

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