Monday, July 17, 2006

Weather Bonk - Temperatures for a Microclimate Region

As I was bemoaning to my workmate how the "official" temperature available via radio, television, and news websites was pretty much useless to someone living in the outer sunset of san francisco, or even the foothills of oakland, he was busy googling the answer.

Weather Bonk is a Google Maps overlay of data from both national weather services AND home-grown enthusiasts with personal weather stations. A quick glance at SF shows a twenty+-degree difference between the outer richmond and dolores park.

A flyover to our neck of the woods has turned up a surprise: a meteorological enthusiast within our own neighborhood.

When I want to know how hot it is, I no longer have to settle for a figure collected down at the airport. Or up in Orinda.

(Of course, our street appears to have its own microclimate some days--on which the blocks around us are breezy, and our street is completely still. But it doesn't take much technology to step outside and determine there isn't any wind.)

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