Monday, December 19, 2005

Cranky Bugs: The One Boy Show

The boy has started doing a dramatic interp version of the Thomas the Tank story "Cranky Bugs." He practices constantly: in the car or just walking around the house.

This is the original text:

Thomas and Percy love working at the docks. They enjoy the sea air and the sound of the gulls. But today the friends are hot and bothered. A crane is causing trouble. His name is Cranky and this is his first day at the docks.

And this is his interpretation:


He's also currently working on a version of "Salty's Secret."


Deirdre said...

Well, I just so happen to have on my person a copy of "Cranky Day." (I mean, who doesn't these days?)Anyhoo, what bugs me about this graphic novel -- it is indeed a graphic novel, on account of how the pictures are an indelible part of the story -- is that after Cranky falls down and gets back up thanks to our heroes, you see him on the last page having fallen down again, whilst unattached to Percy and it is darkness again, just as it was during that terrible storm. Leading one to believe that Cranky fell victim to his own bad flashback.

Tim said...