Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome to Our New Readers

(This entry will stick on top until Jan. 1)

If you're just peeking at Blognabbit for the first time, welcome!

Bookmark this site. Come back often, or, if you're a technological adept of the the 21st century, add us to your RSS aggregator. Here you can keep up to date with Chris, Christa, Tim, Deirdre and offspring as they get in shape for various feats of athletic endurance, wrestle their professional demons, and travel to far off locales.

Actually, none of that shows up here. Mostly you just get to peek at our links du jour.

<how about we add a end-of-the-year holiday report here?>

<...can't we post a link to some more funny videos, instead?...>

< about the dancing badgers?...>

<...oh. That's soooo two years ago.>

We thought about adding a FAQ here, but no one ever asks us any questions about this blog. So feel free to ask questions via the comment section, and then check back soon for answers.

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