Saturday, December 24, 2005

Wish List: No More Books!

Joe Queenan's NYT essay on the dangers of lent and gifted books.
Several years ago, I calculated how many books I could read if I lived to my actuarially expected age. The answer was 2,138.... In principle, there would be enough time to read 500 masterpieces, 500 minor classics, 500 overlooked works of genius, 500 oddities and 138 examples of high-class trash. Nowhere in this utopian future would there be time for [Steve Allen's] "Hi-Ho, Steverino!"

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Anonymous said...

What a depressing number to contemplate. First, that number seems awfully low. Second, if the doofus spent the time reading that he spent calculating how many books he might read, he might just have finished "Hi Ho Steverino" and gotten to the amazing, dramatic, life changing ending.