Monday, April 28, 2008

A Locavore's Meat of the Month Club

Over at The Ethicurean, Bonnie Powell announces the start of a new Community Supported Agriculture program that features sustainably grown meat.

The backstory is amazing, which bring to light many of the logistical difficulties of attempting a "cow share," or any kind of subscription program that involves large meat animals (as well as remind the average grocery store buyer that they really don't know where meat comes from). Where do you find a slaughterhouse? How do you divide up beef ribs into 40 subscriptions? (Here's her 2006 post on what to do with an order of 660 pounds of beef and lamb.) Who gets the hog skin? But... it's fascinating to see that the 75 member Bay Area Meat CSA not only has a waiting list, but an email subscriber base of more than 500 people!

New CSA starting in Tomales, based at Clark Summit Farm. You can sign up now, but hurry, they have to cap these subscriptions. Details at Bonnie's post, plus links to other local Meat CSAs.

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