Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Solla Solla Enna Perumai

An unforgettable--really, I mean UNFORGETTABLE--clip out of India. But not from Bollywood or Tollywood, but Kollywood--the modestly-sized Tamil-language movie industry centered in Kodambakkam, Chennai.

The film is called Ella Inba Mayam, and--despite the terrible quality of the print--dates to 1981. The movie, according to comments found here, is intended as a Peter Sellers-style comedic romp, but I'd call the star (Kamal Haasan) more of a Tamil Mike Myers, at least from what I can see here.

Groovy, baby.


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Tim said...

Well now I've got to see if Ella Inba Mayam is in at the Bombay Music Store.