Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why I might need a Tumblelog

I would ideally like my posts to Blognabbit to point to sites, videos, and ideas on the internets that are worth the expenditure of your scarce and precious time.

There are things on the internet, however, that are best reserved for times that are, shall we say, less precious. The Chili Cheese Fritos moments, if you will. Those, it would seem to me, would be best captured (and shared, if anyone were actually following along) with something like Tumblr.

On a Tumblelog I wouldn't need to write an entire blog post to justify why I would choose to embed this Gerardo video:


or this Korean television commercial:

Link, via Dooce.

And I wouldn't also feel the need to apologize to my three co-contributors quite so often...

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