Friday, April 11, 2008

No Photos on Flickr!

Yahoo's photo-sharing site Flickr added video this week, albeit in a limited fashion (90 seconds maximum, pro accounts only).

A vocal minority of Flickr users felt that the intrusion of video somehow violated the sanctity of their photos, and have begun posting a variety of images in apparent protest of this new (wholly optional) feature.

Designer Mike Monteiro mocked the mounting hysteria with his own poorly typeset text banner calling for the elimination of photos on Flickr.

But it's the comment thread (128 replies at last count) that now accompanies this image that's worth a lookthrough, a collective and increasingly surreal riff on internet commenting culture, complete with animated unicorn GIFs.

I compare the thread to that moment in The Simpsons "Homerpalooza" when one teen turns to the other and says "Are you being sarcastic, dude?" and he responds "I don't even know any more."

With more than 100 followup responses to that.


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