Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oakland Getting Sweet Revenge for the Old Time Gibes of San Francisco

Oakland Goods found this feature in the NYT archives from May 7, 1906. It describes San Francisco's gentle mockery of Oakland by comparing it to New Yorkers' attitude towards Brooklyn.

Then suddenly, in the wake of the great earthquake and fire, Oakland was thrust into the spotlight as a base of operations for aid and relief efforts.
Human nature is the same in most parts of the world, and the inhabitants of Oakland have been tempted sorely to profit by the catastrophe in the big city that so often sneered at them. But as a rule they have acted marvelously well....These cheerful, warm-hearted, careless, rather lazy people of the Pacific Coast have proved themselves in this emergency "pure gold."
I wonder if a modern newspaper could stave off bankruptcy by adopting an old-timey copywriting style. I'd be willing to pay to have a paper like that delivered to my door.

Link to article (PDF format).

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Anonymous said...

I particularly like to reference to "cheerful" West Coast, especially just a few years after all those references to Marin hottubbers.