Saturday, July 09, 2005

Motorcycle Instructions

Our beloved caregiver, Davien, gave Ronan a 3-wheeled battery-powered motorcycle manufactured in China. It came on his first birthday, and he could barely perch on it, let alone drive it. Liam wasted no time in cruising back and forth along the 25 feet or so of available driving space from front door to back door. To ease the boredom of this daily commute, one could press a button which played a tinny pop anthem to a driving beat: "I wanna dance dance dance til the sun don't shine woah! woah!" Soon the battery died an early and blessed death. We explained to the boys that the motorcycle is broken and we don't know how to fix it.

From the operating instructions:

"Thank you for purchase our electromrtive [sic] three-wheeled motorcycle. When you own this perfect vehicle, you can find that it will give your child a wonderful childhood."
"Avoid riding at street or somewhere which near the waterhead because the child's eyeshot is limited."
"The vehicle equip with the annunciator, which can whistle and glitter when you push the button of it, and if you release the button the whistle and glitter will stop."

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cjereneta said...

My eyeshot: also limited.

Welcome aboard.