Friday, July 01, 2005

The safest family car, a holistic approach

The only thing I can tell about Gary Bloom is that he's a member of the Bayosphere, the Citizen Journalism site for the Bay Area started by Dan Gillmor. This appears to be his only blog entry, so far, but it's a good one: an in-depth look at what makes a vehicle safe-- safe from a personal point of view, safe from a public point of view.

Food for thought. Our mechanic is convinced that we could run our 97 Civic into the ground sometime around 2017, but we'll probably get another car before then. An Accord? A hybrid? With our surplus of electricity, a souped up golf cart would be cool, but only as a second car. (I know some Prius owners are hacking their batteries to run a power cord from the house... but that's a bad idea... the Prius batteries aren't made to do that).

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