Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Little Individual Attention Goes a Long Way

Steven Simpson is a special education teacher up in Snoqualmie, Washington, who would have an excellent blog but for the fact that it's probably easier who him to keep doing what he has been doing since 1995-- sending out a weekly email (under the less than cozy name, "Ed.Net Briefs®")

Sometimes its on educational trends or experiments (check out how Golden Retrievers are improving literacy in
Reading to Dogs), or sometimes as in this heartrending essay, it's on the frustrations of being a teacher: We Can Imagine What We Cannot Do

The main link sends you to an entry on classroom management, with a technique he learned from his mother:
My mother has four children, six grandchildren, and a growing collection of great grandchildren. At 87 years old, she has raising kids boiled down to the two-step plan. She says if you feed a kid and stay in the same room with a kid, you can solve every problem there is.

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