Monday, April 17, 2006

Five suggested Flickr tags

This is funny even if you don't understand what Flickr is, or what tags are. The snark comes through anyway:
Five Suggested Flickr Tags:
  1. “Rows Of Seated White Men Typing At Conferences”
  2. “My Underlit Dessert With One Bite Missing”
  3. “My Defenseless Child In A Funny Shirt I Made Him Wear”
  4. “Attractive Man In His Twenties Playing An Electric Guitar”
  5. “The Photo From This ‘Impromptu’ Self Portrait Series That Suggests I Don’t Have A Dewlap”
Need an explanation? Visit the comments.


Tim said...

Flickr is a site where you can post photos. You add a "tag" or keyword not only so that you can organize your photos, but so that other people can find them. You can even let other people (i.e., random strangers) add tags to your photos.

Merlin has a completely different take on Flickr than I do. I have no photos that fit his tags (although the dessert one intrigues me). Nor, in my contacts list (the other photo sharers that I've bookmarked), do these type of photos appear.

Then again, I bookmark a large quantity of photos of urban architectural details and everyday objects, usually cropped near to the point of abstraction. Click here, for example

If I thought about it, given my preferences, I could probably come up with my own snarky tag list for Flickr.

Tim said...

Of course, Merlin's 5ives site has enough fans that Flickr users have already created the very tags that he made up.

Check out My underlit dessert... photos. The other categories just have a single photo in them, but that'll grow.