Friday, April 14, 2006

Video: Jann Pehechaan Ho

The swinging number featured under the opening credits of GHOST WORLD, minus the cutaways to Thora Birch. From the 1965 Bollywood film "Gumnaam."

[via Apollo Pony]


Tim said...

I hearts the internets. Not only can you uncover videos like this, you can learn that Gunnam is a Hindi version of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians. Although I seem to recall in the novel, that the opening sequence has a bit less shimmying.

Jaan pehchaan ho,
jeena aasaan ho.

-> I want to be your friend, as my life is miserable without you.

Dil ko churane walon,
aankh na churao—
naam to batao.

-> Please don't give me a cold shoulder. You have stolen my heart; at least I deserve to know your name.

Tim said...

Also, it is entirely likely that I will be posting a lot more links to Apollo Pony.


cjereneta said...

Apollo Pony is the found video catchall for Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon of ROCKETBOOM. That was where I found that Finnish pop music video, and the extended high res version of the Sony super ball commercial.

They have RSS feeds, so you can be sure never to miss a posting.

That's how one morning I woke to find the ENTIRE Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent documentary in my FireANT inbox.