Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thrillermania: Not "Thriller", but an incredible simulation

Boing Boing and Spectacular Self-Indulgence pointed us to the mass dance phenomenon of the week: hundreds of prisoners in a Philippine prison recreating the dancing from Michael Jackon's "Thriller" music video (as seen in a single wideshot).

Remind me when I'm convicted and sent up the river to find a jail with THAT kind of activities director.

Of course the YouTube "related" list sent me straightway to the Tollywood (sic, see comment below) "Thriller" ripoff, which I'd not previously had the chance to see.

And for those who missed it in 2004, a shot-for-shot Lego stopmotion recreation of the ENTIRE thirteen minute Michael Jackson video.

BONUS: Apparently there is a whole subculture of people dedicated to recreating Ok Go's backyard and treadmill dance videos using lego people and stopmotion animation. How would these people ever connect without YouTube? Link

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Tim said...

Re: the version from India.
It's been distributed far and wide and blogged as the Bollywood version, but it's actually from 1985's Donga,, a product of Tollywood, the Telugu film industry.
What's the diff?
Tollywood makes about 240 movies a year for domestic distribution, so is actually larger than Bollywood (the Hindi-language film industry popular both in India and internationally) in terms of output.
No one in India would call Chiranjeevi, the dancer featured here, a Bollywood superstar. (Actually, he's a Tollywood Megastar, Megastar being his official nickname)