Monday, February 25, 2008

The Jimmy Kimmel-Matt Damon meme

I don't know anyone who would have watched the Jimmy Kimmel post-Oscars special last night, but this bit will begin to travel across your entertainment news radar as the week goes on.

I had watched, but not especially enjoyed Sarah Silverman's "I'm F@#%ing Matt Damon" music video that made the rounds a few weeks ago, part of a "payback" for Kimmel's longstanding use of Damon as a punch line at the end of his show.

Kimmel provides the setup and as much of a clip as you need from the Silverman/Damon video, along with his celebrity-studded response:

The joke boils down to a) gay sex is funny! and b) celebrities being bleeped out is funny!

But I include this here for its timeliness, and the cultural notability (and randomness) of its cameos (many of which I don't recognize), including Joan Jett, Macy Gray, and Huey Lewis, all working fairly hard to prop up the joke.

Oh and but also: Josh Groban swearing? Now that sh%#'s funny.

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