Monday, February 11, 2008

Seriously? Microsoft is late with Valentine's Day Edition Zune

[via Gizmodo]

On the day of Steve Job's Macworld keynote announcing the MacBook Air and iTunes Movie Rentals, Microsoft announced a special edition red-colored Zune for Valentine's Day gifting.

Earnest customers who ordered the device received an apologetic email last week:
Due to some issues in our fulfillment center there remains a chance we will miss getting your Zune to you by February 14th. We are working hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible ... We will be refunding the entire amount of your order ... We hope you love your Zune and that you will accept our sincere apology.
The good news: customers get their money back, and get to keep the Zune.

The bad news: (joke writes itself).

Meanwhile Apple released a new pink iPod nano on January 22 with the same crass messaging (i.e. Dude! Get this for your girlfriend!), but continues to guarantee shipments (with custom engraving) in time for Valentine's Day for orders placed through the end of February 12.

So, um, dude. Get on that.

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