Monday, February 25, 2008

Your plant just called. It's thirsty.

We're all busy people, right? With our jobs, the internets, etc. Sometimes we forget to care for the leafy green members of our household, because they don't know how to communicate their needs to us in ways that cut through all the noise.

But now, a microprocessor, a bit of soldering, and some command-line programming can connect houseplants to a telecommunication network, allowing them to call your cellphone (or send a message to Twitter) whenever they need water.

Current call types include:
-a request for water (sample)
-a confirmation of & thanks for watering (sample)
-a notification of unnecessary watering (sample)
-a notification of extreme need for watering when plant is excessively dry (sample)

This is either a glimpse into the future or these people are out of their fucking minds.


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